Bhudak Consultants Ltd. Practice Areas

Emergency Response and Risk Management


  • Risk management policy and procedure
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Safety reviews
  • Program reviews
  • Insurance sourcing and policy reviews
  • Expert witness

Emergency Response and Risk Management Project Examples


  • Coastal Hazard Assessment for Pacific Rim Area Beaches (Tofino to Ucluelet, including Pacific Rim National Park)
  • Search and Rescue Gap Analysis for SAR Response in the BC Pacific Rim
  • Risk Management Plan for Nunatsiavut Government for the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station
  • SAR response risk assessment decision making tool & mobile ap
  • Visitor Safety Plan for Torngat Mountains National Park
  • Incident review - Outward Bound Canada
  • Expert witness - out-of-bounds skier, snowboard accident, Dominican Republic international tour operator fatality, Zimbabwe elephant riding accident, Uganda murder incident, school trip forest fire, school trip avalanche fatalities, school trip parent and student drownings